Resources for Work, Money, Housing, & More

Housing Stability

Concerned about making rent or home payments?

• Eviction protections
• Rent relief
• Mortgage and Home Loan Relief
• Advocacy: Right to stay in place

Work & Income

• Unemployment
• Reduced hours
• Lost Gig Economy Work
• Paid Leave & Sick Leave
• Small Business relief

Food, Medicine, Shelter

Resources for when you or someone you know needs:
• Cash (TANF)
• Food 
• Childcare
• Emergency housing
• Disability assistance
• Domestic abuse help
...and more.

For Immigrant Families & Other Foreign Residents

Information and assistance for:

• Resident Aliens
• People with Work VISAs
• Undocumented Residents

Domestic Abuse

If you or someone you know is a victim of:

• Partner abuse
• Child abuse
• Elder abuse
• Discrimination

Special Needs

•Child care
• Elder care
• Disability needs

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About our Logo

Did you know that all of the trees in an aspen grove are connected to a single root system?  At CoCoMHO we seek to grow a secure protective canopy for Colorado’s Mobile Home Residents by providing a place where we can connect on matters of shared concern, shared successes, and shared ideas.

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