Know Your Rights
Enforce Them

You have rights. Many.

And now with the new MHP Oversight Program, you can get your rights enforced without the expense of a lawyer.

These pages outline your rights and how to enforce them using the complaint process of the Oversight Program. (Keep scrolling)

Know Your Rights - the MHPA

Colorado's Mobile Home Park Act (MHPA) sets out the main rights for home owning residents and landlords of manufactured home parks.

The MHP Oversight Program is designed to enforce these rights.

What rights do you have?
Find out here: Know Your Rights

Keep in mind:
• You have other rights.
• Some of your rights may be in your city or county's ordinances.
• Other rights may be in laws covering general landlord-tenant relationships, public utilities laws, motor vehicle laws regarding towing, building codes, and other places.
• You can contact the MHP Oversight Program, or contact us to learn more.

Enforce Your Rights

Filing Complaints Through The MHP Oversight Program

You can enforce your rights through the MHP Oversight Program.

The MHPOP launched on May 1, and is now ready to take complaints against  landlords, look into them, and take whatever measures are needed to enforce your rights.

They can investigate and enforce any rights set out in the MHPA, and direct you to resources for problems not addressed by the MHPA.

How to enforce your rights through the MHP Oversight Program.

History of the MHP Oversight Program

The MHP Oversight Program is brand new, and just opened for business on May 1, 2020.

It came about from HB19-1309, a bill sponsored by Reps. Edie Hooton & Julie McClusky, and Sens. Steve Fenberg and Pete Lee, and passed with strong support in 2019.

It was modeled after the very successful Dispute Resolution Program in the state of Washington.

Read more about its history here.

How to Get Results

Tips for Effective Complaints

Tying your complaints to your rights
Documenting events, witnesses, backup research
Writing effective letters

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